Puppy Linux reconnaît les disques ou partitions de disques qu’utilise Windows NTFS et y accède en lecture et écriture. Contact, corrections and suggestions: Concernant la création de nouvelles Puplets, le Live CD de Puppy linux contient les outils de base pour leur production, et on peut ensuite les mettre en partage sur le site communautaire. The spread of systemd and launchd. Puppy Linux Slacko 5. Il s’affiche avec les icônes habituelles mais avec une barre verticale sur le côté gauche qui permet de lancer les programmes alors qu’une application est ouverte en plein écran. L’éventail d’applications fournies avec Puppy permet d’en avoir un usage généraliste.

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MX launches new bug tracker. Linux well supported by popular games. Compared to Puppy Linux 4. This is an update to version 5. Vous pouvez aussi installer le greffon Flash en un clic pour lire certaines vidéos.

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Toutou Wolx 5.5, Wolx 2014 et RolxA 5.5

Gentoox Gentoox was an adaptation of the popular Linux distribution called Gentoo. It was compiled from Stage 1 with full optimisations to run on a Microsoft Xbox games console.


Software or hardware mods are required. The spread of systemd and launchd.

Play nicely, drop secure shell sessions cleanly, check init’s name. Building software with Ravenports. Combining commands in the shell.

toutou linux

Java – Oracle versus Google. All Toutou Linux is a lightweight operating system based on the Puppy distribution. Toutou is optimized for French speaking users and provides a friendly toufou interface based upon Openbox. The latest release of Toutou Linux, SlaXen 6. Additional software can be acquired from available PET packages.

Puppy Linux — Wikipédia

Toutou Linux is an open-source Linux operating system based on the tiny, yet powerful and popular Puppy Linux distribution, specially designed to be compatible with old hardware. The system uses the lightweight Openbox as its default window manager and LXPanel as its main taskbar.

It features various customisation options.

toutou linux

Toutou Linux uses OCI, a custom-built application that automates the installation, a first-boot assistant for configuring several linix of the desktop, and Opera as the default web foutou. Toutou Linux is distributed as a single live CD image supporting the bit architecture only. Its default language is French, but other languages can be added. Jean-Jacques Moulinier has announced the release of Toutou Linuxan updated release of new version of the project’s Puppy-based distribution designed French-speaking users.

This is an update to version 5.

It is primarily foutou for those users who preferred the simplicity and familiarity of the 4. Compared to the 4.

It has been replaced by Opera Otherwise this latest version continues to use the Openbox window manager with LXPanel as the default linix. Upgrades from previous versions are not supported. Visit the distribution’s home page in French for more information about the new toutpu. Download the live CD image from SourceForge: Jean-Jacques Moulinier has announced the release of Toutou Linux 5. Code-named « Wolx », Tourou Linux 5. Also new in this release is OCI, a custom-built program that automates the installation of the distribution on systems dedicated entirely to Toutou Linux.


A first-boot assistant is available for configuring various aspects of the desktop, such as keypad and keyboard options, menus, passwords and optional installation of printer and scanner drivers. The Flash browser plugin is not included, but a single-click install option is also provided in the first-boot assistant. Read the rest of the release announcement in French for further details. Toutou Linux is a variant of Puppy Linux designed for French-speaking users.

The project’s latest version of the fast, lightweight distribution is 4. Compared to Puppy Linux 4. The distribution now has three separate menus listing programs, services and sessions – all of these are modifiable via a new menu manager. There is more, please read the complete release notes in French for further details. Count your Linux Box. What different types of codecs are there?

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